Learning Objectives

The participants will be able to understand the injection principle of Augsburg Medium Speed Common Rail engines. They will learn the philosophy of the SaCoSone engine safety and control system. The participants will train on troubleshooting procedures as well as module changes on SaCoSone.

Target Groups

This training is aimed at ship or powerplant engineers.


The trainees should have a basic knowledge of diesel engines. Theoretical knowledge of internal combustion engines is preffered.

Course Content

  • Injection principle of CR engines
  • Troubleshooting on CR
  • SaCoSone basics
  • Device manager
  • Expert tool


4 days


See "MAN PrimeServ Academies & Product Trainings Competences - Overview" page 62/63.

Special Notes

In the case of 32/44 CR training, a combined Common Rail/SacoSone and 32/44 basic engine training over 2 weeks is recommended.

All course dates are available on the Internet: