Learning Objectives

The participants will be able t safely and efficiently operate the engine. The participants will be able to evaluate inspection results in order to maintain the engine in the best way.

Target Groups

  • This training is aimed at ship and powerplant engineers.


  • The trainees should have a basic knowledge of diesel engine.

Course Content

  • Introduction to MC and MC-C Engines
  • Main, Connecting and Crosshead Bearings
  • Cylinder Conditions and influences
  • Fuel Injection System
  • Exhaust Valves
  • Chain Drive
  • Manoeuvering System and Pneumatic System
  • Performance
  • Maintenance


  • 5 days

Special Notes

Special customer tailored courses can be organized. The course can be adapted to speific customer needs on request. MC, MC-C can also be combined in conjunction with other Two-Stoke courses.