Compressor and turbine service

OEM Service for Compressors and Turbines

MAN Diesel & Turbo's compressors and turbines rank among the best machinery in the world within their respective areas of application. The same holds true for our MAN PrimeServ compressor and turbine service. For more than 100 years we have implemented elaborate service solutions for our customers. We aim to protect your equipment right from the outset in order to sustain your competitive advantage, reducing emissions, or simply for delivering the right spare parts and manpower. Out benchmark is the operational availability of your equipment and the competitiveness of your products.

  • Jun 13, 2017

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    Service with Passion
    Straddling the globe with a network of more than 100 service centers, MAN PrimeServ is fully primed to provide local expertise, wherever you are and whenever you need it.
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  • Feb 27, 2014

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    Service for Peak Performance
    Even better, even faster. With MAN PrimeServ, our new after-sales service, we make your business objectives even easier to attain – and exceed – without the need for capital-intensive investments. To achieve this, we have significantly expanded and improved our global after-sales network
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  • Feb 28, 2014

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    Service Shops
    MAN PrimeServ offers you excellent support all over the world, availability through a global network of service headquarters and an increasing number of local service centers to satisfy our customers’ requests. We provide top quality spare parts – that only an Original Equipment Manufacturer can provide: from tailored operations and services such as maintenance contracts to personal support. Wherever, Whenever.
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  • Feb 28, 2014

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    Service Shop Oberhausen
    A new service workshop, equipped with the latest technology, has been established in Oberhausen, offering within 10,000 m2 competitive advantage due to autarky and newest technology. Furthermore we provide excellent reaction, lead time, flexibility and technical competence.
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  • Feb 28, 2014

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    Instruments & Controls Competency
    To provide its customers optimum service support, MAN PrimeServ has established own expert teams dedicated to the specific requirements in the service of turbomachinery.
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  • Dec 11, 2014

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    Repair Expertise
    Unscheduled plant shutdowns caused by damage require a rapid response, expert cause analysis and high-quality repair measures.
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