As the availability of natural gas increases worldwide, gas powered engines are becoming more and more attractive for power generation in land-based and marine applications. Operators are looking for solutions that make use of gas in their existing diesel engines wherever possible.

Dual-fuel engines provide the ability to run on either gas or liquid fuels. Retrofit solutions for upgrading existing diesel engines to dual-fuel capability are a suitable way to benefit from the economic and environmental advantages of gas operation. MAN Diesel & Turbo provides dual-fuel retrofit solutions based on the latest state of-the-art technology, enabling engine operation with higher efficiency and lower emissions in combination with a lifetime extension.

Engine type

V+L28/32A+H, 32/40 to 32/40G, 48/60 to 51/60DF or 51/60G, PC2.5, PC4, PC4.2, PC4.2B

Interview on Reference Case: MV Wes Amelie